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Floor Joist Notch Repair Kit - 2x10

Floor Joist Notch Repair Kit - 2x10

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The 2x10" Floor Joist Notch Repair Kit (patent pending) will repair a floor joist that has been cut or notched.  A joist that has been notched is structurally compromised and poses a potential safety risk.  This product is the solution and allows for the strength of the joist to be fully restored without having to remove the plumbing or electrical lines running through the drilled hole.  This product comes with all required parts and its simple design allows for DIY installation.  Using 10 gauge galvanized steel and 28 structural fasteners, the Floor Joist Repair Hole Reinforcer is one of the strongest floor joist repair products on the market.  

Please Note: This product is NOT intended for a drilled floor joist.  If you need to repair a drilled joist, please see our other available joist repair products or contact us for more information.  

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