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No black powder coat

I received the two pairs of braces today and was a little disappointed they didn’t have the black color. Just plain galvanized steel, even though the website and youtube videos show the product as black. The gauge or thickness of the metal U-shaped bracket is about the same as any joist hanger. I was hoping for a thicker gauge. I will give them a try, but will apparently have to paint them myself.

Hi T.D.,

The EZ Brace is availalbe in Matte Black, but you had selected and purchased the Galvanized option. Please let us know if you would like to exchange for the black ones.

Nolan Structural Products

Joist repair

Looks like it will solve my joist problem. There are many drivers to support the strap. I am now able to finish my basement with no worries.

Great product

Easy to use. Provides good stability.

Basement Wall Strap
Fred Jefferson
Cost effective alternative!

Quoted an arm and a leg for same feature functionality by another company. I am pleased with the product and related costs. Friendly staff/ fast shipping!

Joist Repair Kit

Loved it !
Worked exactly as planned !
Thank you !

As advertised

The Insta-footing 16x16 plates seem solid and do have hardware for posts. I think the paint job was kind of thin on my product and a second coat is needed but still in good condition even considering the shipping scratches and thin paint brush strokes..

Life saver

The brackets are the real deal. I had to slightly remove some material for Clarence and the metal is very strong. I asked the tech support if this was structurally ok and were very knowledgeable. My only complaint was only one drill bit for 2 kits and the bit broke when pre drilling.Also, was 7 screws short- it would have been nice to throw in a couple extras. I didn’t think it was a big deal but Lowe’s didn’t not have a structural screws that were even close. Un common size and short length, only thing close was Simpson strong tie but they were slightly longer and under sized.No instructions!!!! Like how deep to countersink. I had to remove some cross braces and found some steel ones on Home Depot’s online website which look and are stronger than the wood ones I had to remove.

So far nothing fell...

So far the joists seem ok, and I have peace of mind knowing they are there. So happy to get these from Nolan Structural products.

Great product

Ordering from Nolan was very easy and pickup was great. I had my baby with me and staff volunteered to carry the plate to my car. The quality of this product and ease of use made this project an easy one. I appreciate Nolan and their professionalism.

Great product, only had one issue

I was satisfied with the product. I think they sent the wrong Simpson Titan anchor. I had to go buy a 23 mm socket to install it. And that was not what was described. But base ended up with a stronger anchor bolt, so no harm I guess, other than I had to buy a socket, which added $15 to the cost.

Worked a treat!

This Joist Reinforcer was exactly what I needed to strengthen two 2"x10" joists that were weakened by an overzealous plumber. Installation was quick and easy with the provided pilot bit, driver bit, and fasteners. The only suggestion I can make is to mark the drill bit for depth so that the pilot holes don't go all the way through the joist. My first joist looks like swiss cheese from the back side, now. On the second joist I learned my lesson and left the pilot holes about 1/4" from clearing through the joist. It makes for a much cleaner look. Thanks for a great product!

Great solution for DIY joist repair

I love this joist repair. It is easy and straightforward, it is very much needed for complete confidence when you are not an expert carpenter. The best part about it was fixing previous plumbing cuts in the master bedroom in the attic which were very deep, and definitely not to code. This fixes that problem and gave me peace of mind.

12"x12" Carbon Fiber Insta-Footing
Carbon plywood

Printed carbon on common plywood. What a crock, I was hoping for a full piece of carbon. Don’t bother with this guy, now I have to take another road to fix. Damn crook.

Hi Fred, we're sorry you weren't happy with your order, however our product description states that the core of the plate is plywood. We have also included a link to the design report in the product description. We don't misrepresent our product at all, it just requires a bit of reading.

Great Product

I installed the straps on joists damaged by an HVAC install. They were easy to install and they work great. They saved me the hassle of moving the HVAC pipes. Great support from Rich and his team.


Excellent Customer Service

I had made an error in my order, and they helped me out quickly and with no trouble.

12"x12" Carbon Fiber Insta-Footing
Dom DiOrio
Pesty inspector

Had picked up a hot poker on a job another contractor walked off of because of the maniacal inspector, he had cut a couple of support load bearing walls. The most amazing aspect of Nolan’s products are when he questioned the product I sent out an email for the engineering specs emailed right out to . Another inspector being updated on new cutting edge ways of structural support. Thanks Nolan my number one go to company for aggressive inspectors and for the latest in structural repair.

Great solution

This was was the perfect solution for a slab that was poured without the proper footings on an interior wall of a barn we are building. Well thought out quality product.

Basement Wall Strap
Kevin Leboeuf
Great Product!!!

These straps were very easy to install with minimal prep work. the amount of money I was able to save compared to a basement company installing carbon fiber straps was substantial. I would definitely recommend to anyone considering strapping apposed to a full wall replacement or alternative options.

Found off YouTube

I was researching ways to reinforce a joist with notches removed. I found a YouTube video describing this product. As a mechanical engineer myself, I really appreciated the mathematical explanation of how this strap reinforces the joist. Installation was easy and now there's a bathtub installed on what was once a weakened joist with no issues!

Just right

This plate arrived promptly with all of the parts. Easy to apply

Worked exactly as described

joist repair

i have a 17 foot 2x12 joist that failed due to a large knot. this was far easier than sistering the joist.

Joist Repair

Easy to install and a solid repair.

Joist repair

Quality / strength /ease of use
Driver bit included

Second Footing

The saying “easy button” should be changed to “insta footing”