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Great solution

This was was the perfect solution for a slab that was poured without the proper footings on an interior wall of a barn we are building. Well thought out quality product.

Basement Wall Strap
Kevin Leboeuf
Great Product!!!

These straps were very easy to install with minimal prep work. the amount of money I was able to save compared to a basement company installing carbon fiber straps was substantial. I would definitely recommend to anyone considering strapping apposed to a full wall replacement or alternative options.

Found off YouTube

I was researching ways to reinforce a joist with notches removed. I found a YouTube video describing this product. As a mechanical engineer myself, I really appreciated the mathematical explanation of how this strap reinforces the joist. Installation was easy and now there's a bathtub installed on what was once a weakened joist with no issues!

Just right

This plate arrived promptly with all of the parts. Easy to apply

Worked exactly as described

joist repair

i have a 17 foot 2x12 joist that failed due to a large knot. this was far easier than sistering the joist.

Joist Repair

Easy to install and a solid repair.

Joist repair

Quality / strength /ease of use
Driver bit included

Second Footing

The saying “easy button” should be changed to “insta footing”

Second Footing

The saying “easy button” should be changed to “insta footing”

Thanks for some common sense engineering

Easy and a time saver! I already bought a second and will by two more q1 2023.

Excellent Product

Works like a charm

Attic Access Bulkhead
Donald Devaney
Best solution ever

Plan has come up with a cool proof system. Our structural engineer loved it. Thanks.

Couldn't ask for better

Used the product to fix a joist and the bldg inspector was skeptical until I showed the video and the credentials of the engineer (designer). Saved me major bucks. Also appreciated that all tools needed were included and that it was shipped quickly. Usually I don't write reviews but this simple product was great.

Joist Repair Kit - 24" Strap
Richard P. Holland
Very Pleased

I used to splice a joist where I couldn't raise into place in one piece. Being able to install from below made the job much easier for me. Good product and good support from the engineer.

Joist strap

My local engineer had to stamp but he approved

Great Product

This is a very stout structural tie and I'm honestly not sure why this product or something like it isn't available in big-box stores. I will definitely use Nolan products again.

Joist Repair Kit

Product is outstanding. Placed joist strap then cut large 6.5” notch to route ducting through. Joist is probably stronger than before and no soft spots on upstairs floor. This product is a lifesaver when you’re in a “no other options” scenario like I was.

Insta-Footing - 16x16" Plate
Kenneth Lichtenstein
Great Product

I gave it to the contractor to install. He said that it was great!

Joist Repair Kit= Excellent

Was a great experience from the time we called and ordered it to receiving it and the easy install. You have a superior product, and it should be sold in all the stores!

Joist Repair Kit - 24" Strap
Raymond Schaeffer
Excellent idea .!

Very pleased I have been in the building industry for 40 years and it is about time some one came up with this excellent idea.
Thanks Ray Schaeffer
Built Right Construction

Great Product

great job to whoever came up with this idea. I was going to intstall sister joists until I saw this idea and I just had to have some. What a time saver!!!

Product worked well

Product worked well and customer service was great for follow up questions. Thanks.

Cracked joist

It worked perfectly for my tight situation.
And we could feel the sturdiness

Smaller size Joist Repair Unit

It was a very easy install. Though, the package was missing one of the screws! I forgot to ask you about the missing screw? Where might I find a matching screw? Thanks, I have no issues. I think it's a great unit

Hi Bill, thank you for the review and apologies that your kit was incomplete. We can mail you a few replacement screws today. Please let us know if you need anything additional!
-Nolan Structural Products