Collection: Insta-Footing

Insta-Footing is used in place of a poured concrete footing, saving significant time and money. Insta-Footing is to be placed on top of a poured concrete floor slab that is at least 3.5 inches thick. The slab may be required to be leveled with non-shrink grout if existing conditions warrant. Insta-Footing is to be secured to the floor with either two 1/2″ diameter concrete expansion anchor bolts, two concrete screws or powder driven nails. Insta-Footing can support a 4×4, 4×6, 6×6 or steel post. Plates are painted yellow steel and come in two sizes: 16x16" and 12x12". The size of the plate is dependent on the load to be supported. . Call our office for ordering or with any questions-518-280-3190 x105.