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Attic Access Bulkhead

Attic Access Bulkhead

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The attic access bulkhead is designed to prevent the roof from spreading and the exterior walls from being displaced when trusses or ceiling joists need to be cut in order to provide access to the attic. The bulkhead attaches to the sides of the bottom truss chords or ceiling joists and resists the spreading (pulling apart) loads that exist in the truss bottom chords or ceiling joists thereby maintaining the strength and integrity of the roof system. The attachment points slide onto the rails making them easily adjustable to line up with the truss or joist.  This product is designed to fit around a standard 22.5” wide by 54” long attic and comes in easily assembled pieces.

***Please Note: You should position and secure the Attic Access Bulkhead first before cutting the trusses or ceiling joists. Custom sizes are also available.***

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