Collection: Nolan Beam

The Nolan Beam is the ideal structural beam for any new building or building modification.  Boasting 50 KSI steel C-channel for superior strength, its composite wood core allows for attachment to a variety of building connectors for efficient construction.  Available in custom depths to match nominal lumber sizes of 3.5"-11.25", larger sizes are available upon request, also available with or without the wood core.  The Nolan Beam: power and precision for a strong build.  

  • The Nolan Beam offers superior strength and stability to traditional dimensional lumber and LVL beam options.  
  • 1.5x stronger bending strength and 2.1x stiffness on average than LVL, and 3.1x stronger in shear
  • The Nolan Beam offers low profile headers, down to 3.5"
  • Easily installed in multiple plies, with a wood core that allows for standard joist hangers
  • The ideal choice for high-wind resistance in tall wall applications 
  • The Nolan Beam is a stronger alternative to LVLs and lighter than steel