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Joist Repair Kit Custom Design Report

Joist Repair Kit Custom Design Report

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If purchasing a Design Report for the Joist Repair Kit, please complete this form, click here.

For generic product Design Reports, please see the links below: 

 Joist Repair Kit Design Report

Nolan Engineering, PLLC can provide a written and Engineer stamped (Licensed in NY, CT, DE & CO) design report for any of the products listed.

The design report will be tailored to your specific situation and will include your home address, name, joist sizes, spans, notch sizes and locations, optional pictures, etc., for up to 4 notched joists.  (There will be an additional fee of $25.00 for any additional joists).

If we are not licensed in the State where you reside, you can take our report and have it reviewed/stamped by an Engineer that is licensed in your State.  

The Design Report will ensure that the Joist Repair Kit will work and restore the full joist strength for your particular notched or damaged joist situation.  The report will list the maximum design tension in the strap.

An electronic copy as well as a paper copy of the design report will be sent along with the product.  The design report can also be sent in a Word document format (upon request) if your local engineer would like to make changes.    

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