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12"x12" Carbon Fiber Insta-Footing

12"x12" Carbon Fiber Insta-Footing

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For the design report for this product, please click here.  

The Insta-Footing replaces then need to install an isolated concrete footing and is much faster, easier and more affordable to install - saving you both time and money! The Insta-Footing is used when you need to support a point/post load to the foundation floor slab. 

Our Carbon Fiber Insta-Footing plates now provide a lighter and even more affordable alternative to our steel Insta-Footing plates!

The Insta-Footing comes with a universal post connector that can connect to a 4”x4”, 4”x6”, 6”x6”, or steel lally column post. The 12”x12”x¾” thick plate can support a load up to 9,500# (on 3.5” thick concrete) or up to 3000# on soil. The Insta-Footing comes with predrilled holes to attach the plate to a concrete floor. The plates are ~7/8” thick and 12”x12” square. The core material is ¾” ground contact pressure treated plywood, with bi-directional, carbon fiber applied to both sides which resists bending and equally distributes the load to the concrete slab below. The edges are sealed with FlexSeal. If the product is placed on a 4” concrete slab, it can replace a concrete footing up to 20”x20” square since the loads travels through the concrete at a 45-degree angle.

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Customer Reviews

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Carbon plywood

Printed carbon on common plywood. What a crock, I was hoping for a full piece of carbon. Don’t bother with this guy, now I have to take another road to fix. Damn crook.

Hi Fred, we're sorry you weren't happy with your order, however our product description states that the core of the plate is plywood. We have also included a link to the design report in the product description. We don't misrepresent our product at all, it just requires a bit of reading.

Dom DiOrio
Pesty inspector

Had picked up a hot poker on a job another contractor walked off of because of the maniacal inspector, he had cut a couple of support load bearing walls. The most amazing aspect of Nolan’s products are when he questioned the product I sent out an email for the engineering specs emailed right out to . Another inspector being updated on new cutting edge ways of structural support. Thanks Nolan my number one go to company for aggressive inspectors and for the latest in structural repair.