Collection: Insta-Deck Footing

The Insta-Deck Footing replaces the need for a 12" concrete pier. Our product can support 450# more than a concrete pier since the weight of the concrete is not present and comes complete with post connector to resist pullout. The Insta-Deck Footing must be used with a nominal 6" x 6" (5.5" x 5.5") ground contact treated post . The downward load rating is 1,177# for 1500 PSF soil bearing, 1,570# for 2000 PSF soil bearing, 1,963# for 2500 PSF soil bearing and 2,355# for 3000 PSF soil bearing or one-to-one replacement of 12" diameter pier plus 450#. The pullout capacity is 470# minimum assuming 4' ground embedment. This product must be installed below the frost line if not supporting a free standing structure. The plates are ~ 7/8" thick and 12" in diameter and have 3/4" pressure treated ground contact wood core with high strength , bi-directional, carbon fiber which resists bending on the top and bottom surfaces and the edges are sealed with flex seal. This product is not intended for use in ground with standing water at depth of installation.